Challenge Month: Day 27 (my unknown faults)

Day 27 – September 27

I have another thought about the September 26 readings and none about today’s, so I guess that is helpful.

Sept 26’s Psalm 19 “Cleanse me from my unknown faults! From wanton sin especially, restrain your servant; let it not rule over me.”

I know I need this. I know in my deepest depths I want this. …But then sin calls again and tempts again and beckons me and I am weak. And I know it is wrong, but I cannot stop myself. How much do I need this prayer of “Cleanse me from my unknown faults!” — I have faults and I know they are faults, but if I fully knew how bad they were and the eternal consequences maybe I’d be a bit better in my fighting off the temptation. So please Lord, cleanse me from my unknown faults and help me to follow you!

May I not be like the rich and fattened-hearted ones of James 5: 1-6.

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