Challenge Month: Day 28 (they would not welcome them)

Day 28 – September 28

Luke 9: 51-56 – Jesus heads to Jerusalem but first enters a Samaritan village, but “they would not welcome them because their destination was Jerusalem”.

  1. I don’t recall ever reading that bit.
  2. I must have heard/read it before since I know the next part where James & John want to call down fire from heaven to consume them.

Rejected for where they were going since it revealed something about who they were (aka They were Jewish).

This line just made me pause and re-read it to absorb the sad feeling I felt while reading it. Here Jesus is “resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem” even though He knew what that would mean for Him — and the town does not welcome him and so they end up journeying to another village.

It just had me feeling sad for Jesus in a “I want to hug you” way. This shouldn’t be like an earth shattering moment — and clearly I’ve overlooked its emotion before — but it just stuck with me today.

Jesus sent messengers ahead of Him to prepare the way of the Lord. And the Lord came. And He was rejected.

We are each called to listen to, follow, and accept Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except thru Him. And still there are people who, when faced with either choosing Jesus or rejecting Him, choose to reject Him. Let us pray for everyone to choose the path of acceptance and welcoming. May each of us learn to know, love, and live Jesus.

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