30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 2 (pray on Our Father for loved ones)

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Thank God for the gift of life of a loved one who has passed away. Pray an Our Father that his or her soul is united with God in heaven.

For 20ish minutes I nursed Ruthie and prayed Our Fathers out loud for every loved one, loved one’s loved one, friend, and acquaintance I could think of. I am fortunate to be young and lead a very blessed life where most of my deceased loved ones are the “common” ones – grandparents, great uncles and aunts. But during this time I said 3 Our Fathers for young people who the world has lost to suicide – Nate, Tom, Darrion.

In a related God-infused weirdness to my day… Ruthie had knocked over a stack of my old hockey/baseball/football cards (which I have in the dining room as I figure out if I am keeping them or giving them away) and I was busy and so just left them on the floor but shuffled them off to the side. I walked thru the dining room a bit later and saw a newspaper clipping more in the middle of the floor. I noted it but didn’t pick it up. I figured it was just some random sport clipping I had kept.

At night I finally took a moment to pick it up. It was face down. I flipped it over. It was the obituary for my high school friend Tom who passed away at the age of 16. I had just prayed for him that morning and here was his obituary from 2001. I read over it and thought of him. And it just felt so nice that God had had me take a moment to pray an Our Father for him today.

Update: November 8 / Day 8. In another coincidence of one thing leading to another I eventually found myself online reading the name of a friend who the world has also lost to suicide. Let me say I felt really, really bad that I forgot her. And it was quite the shock to read her name and not only remember her, but to realize that I forgot her made my stomach sink. The Our Father said for her was immediate. The feeling of sadness and tears in my eyes about her were too.

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