Write the Poem: Marriage

Some Thoughts on Marriage

it’s doing the dishes, laundry, or cooking when i’d rather not
just because, well, yes, it needs to get done
but because i love you i’ll do the task
no nagging, no hoping you’ll do it, i won’t even ask

it’s sacrificing my wants to your needs
for i’m not always first
it’s a balance between two people’s lives
intertwined, connected, fused, bound
i know you’d do the same were it the other way round

it’s presence, it’s listening, and hearing, too
it’s love, it’s forgiveness, it’s me and you
it’s thru thick and thru thin
thru the good and the bad
the ups and the downs and the steady
it’s knowing you’re loved for being yourself
but would you pick up your dang socks already??

Special thanks to my inspiration, my one and only, my husband Ryan.

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