A Bird’s Song and the Word of God

Yesterday I walked into my kitchen in the morning and I heard a beautiful song by a beautiful bird. I looked out the window and I really wanted to see this bird that was singing and trilling so well.

And then I realized: “What does it matter if I see the bird? It doesn’t. What matters is the song it is singing that I hear and am enjoying.”

That’s just like Jesus and the Word of God. The Word of God was given to us so that we can hear it and follow Jesus. We should “walk by faith and not by sight” and “blessed are they who believe but don’t see”. I don’t have to see the bird to know that it was real and providing me with its message, just like I don’t have to actually see Jesus to know that He is real and has provided me with His message.

Let us all keep that in mind the next time we long to see Jesus – If we could only hear His words we’d find comfort in knowing that He is there, even if we can’t physically see Him.

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